David Dabora - Alpha Blue LLCDavid M. Dabora, is the Founder, Managing Partner & Portfolio Manager of Alpha Blue, LLC | Alpha Blue Capital L.P. | Alpha Blue Capital Management LP.

He is the Portfolio Manager & Architect of the ABCS-Alpha Blue Capital US Small-Mid Cap Dynamic ETF Strategy & the Alpha Blue Alternative Equity Strategy.

He was a Founding Partner of Boston Partners Asset Management L.P. in 1995, after defecting with 30+ others from The Boston Company Asset Management based in Boston, Los Angeles and his office in Greenbrae, California. Boston Partners was acquired by Netherlands based Robeco/Rabobank in 2002 and was acquired 11 years later by publicly traded, Japan based leasing conglomerate, ORIX in 2013.

In addition to founding & managing Alpha Blue Capital L.P. since inception December, 2010, while part of the company, he had an All Cap Value Portfolio Management role on the Premium Equity Strategy ($3+ billion AUM) at the inception of the Boston Partners’ Partnership in 1995 until the pending sale of the firm at the end of 2001. He was also the Senior Portfolio Manager for Boston Partners Global Investors Inc’s Small-Mid Cap Value, Small Cap Value, Small-Micro Cap Value strategies and Alpha Blue Capital L.P. ($6+ billion AUM) upon retiring including:

· The Senior Portfolio Manager & Architect of Boston Partners Small Cap Value II Mutual Fund since inception July 1, 1998 until his retirement from the company September 16, 2022.

· Lipper Fund Analytics ranked the Fund as the #1 performing Small Cap Value Mutual Fund in both 2000 and 2001 with investment returns of 44.6% and 47.9%, respectively. In 2003, the Fund also had a return of 53.2%. Subsequent calendar year strong absolute performance for the Fund: 49.4% in 2009, 34.7% in 2013, 26.0% in 2016, 28.0% in 2019 and 25.8% in 2021.

· The Fund was rated 3-Star Gold by Morningstar prior to his retiring from the company and was one of only a few actively managed Small Cap Value Funds to be rated Gold.

· The Annualized Gross (& Net of Fees) Investment Return of the Small Cap Value II Fund/Strategy outperformed the Russell 2000 Value, Russell 2000 and S&P 500 with annualized Alpha in excess of these 3 benchmarks’ returns of 3.6%, 4.1% & 4.2% (& Net of Fees: 2.5%, 3.0% & 3.1%), respectively, from inception over 24+ years through August 31, 2022. The results were achieved with lower standard deviation of returns (volatility) than both Small Cap Benchmarks.

During his 27+ year tenure at the related firms, he maintained a 1-3 person investment team. He hired, trained and mentored 3 different Assistant Portfolio Managers on his dedicated Team that have gone on to lead the Premium Equity Strategy (All Cap), Global/International Strategies and provide his succession on the Small-Mid/Small/Small-Micro Cap Strategies collectively managing over $25 billion in AUM as of the end of 2022. All 3 Individuals have become successful investors in their own right.

He was also a member of the Executive Committee from 2012 until retiring from the company in 2022 to focus on the management of Alpha Blue, LLC | Alpha Blue Capital L.P. and to launch & fund Alpha Blue Capital Management LP | ABCS-Alpha Blue Capital US Small-Mid Cap Dynamic ETF.

Additional details and all related past and current investment performance during his investment career available upon inquiry.